About IEX Exchange

IEX Exchange is a national securities exchange, facilitating the trading of U.S. equities. We are focused on client performance: driving superior execution quality for broker-dealers and investors through innovative technology and design.

We are known for our advocacy and transparency on key market structure issues, from market data to exchange business models.

The IEX Story

While working at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), the global electronic trading team led by Brad Katsuyama, Ronan Ryan, John Schwall, and Rob Park discovered that stock exchanges were enabling predatory trading strategies that were harming long-term investors such as mutual funds and pension funds that represent the savings of millions of Americans. Ultimately, the traders and technologists decided to team up and build a new exchange that put the interests of investors first: The Investors Exchange.

Leveling the playing field, together

Rob Park

Rob Park

The Technology

The Speed Bump

38 miles of coiled cable that is designed to create a level playing field where the exchange can be a fair referee for trading.

The Signal

A mathematical formula integrated into a number of IEX Exchange order types that are designed to protect orders while the price is unstable.


Industry Collaboration

We've built strong relationships across the financial services industry, partnering with brokers and investors to help them achieve their performance goals and address trading challenges.

We also look to our clients and other industry stakeholders to partner with us to build a stronger, more aligned financial system. Our advisory committees convene a diverse set of partners from across the investing ecosystem to inform our priorities and thinking around industry topics.

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