Claudia Crowley

Chief Regulatory Officer

Claudia Crowley

Claudia Crowley is Chief Regulatory Officer of Investors' Exchange LLC ("IEX Exchange").

Claudia oversees IEX Exchange's regulatory compliance programs related to its self-regulatory organization obligations, including the provision of critical regulatory services by FINRA,  IEX's SEC rule filing process, and guides IEX on regulatory policy matters. Claudia also represents IEX on a variety of national market system and securities industry organizations including the Consolidated Audit Trail, Securities Industry Processor, Limit Up-Limit Down, Intermarket Surveillance Group and Cross Market Regulatory Working Group. She reports to the Regulatory Oversight Committee of the IEX Exchange Board of Directors.

An industry leader in the regulation of exchanges, Claudia has extensive experience developing and overseeing complex regulatory programs and managing market structure issues in the exchange space.

Prior to joining IEX in 2015, Claudia was the CEO of NYSE Regulation and the Chief Regulatory Officer of the New York Stock Exchange and affiliated U.S. exchanges, and more recently provided advisory services to exchanges and financial services firms. She has also served on the CBOE Business Conduct Committee and held a variety of legal and regulatory positions at the American Stock Exchange, including Chief Regulatory Officer.

Claudia earned her JD from Boston University School of Law and her bachelor's degree from the University of Rochester.